Lacma has put its director’s spacious $6.57m home on the market

A more modest Los Angeles dwelling seems to be lined up for Michael Govan

Claimant severs his ties with London-based restitution commission

Organisation had insisted he demand return of drawings held by the British Museum, but he wanted financial compensation


Victims of Hamas suicide bombers demand Iranian antiquities from US museums in compensation for injuries

Terrorist attacks in Jerusalem which killed five and injured hundreds were executed with funding from Iran—say plaintiffs in several lawsuits

Nazi lootarchive

$6.5 million settlement to heir for stolen Picasso

Chicago collector agrees to pay claimant to gain title to the work

Nazi lootarchive

Fair play, not the letter of the law for Tate restitution case

The panel finds Tate has legal title to a war-loot picture but agrees that the claimants should be compensated on ethical grounds