Top Croatian government official sentenced for corruption involving art

Nadan Vidosevic, former head of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, was found guilty in December of buying art for himself with public money

Why some people still care passionately whether St Jerome was Italian or Croatian (he was neither, actually)

An exhibition in Split shows that being 1,600 years old does not take you out of politics

The unluckiest museums in the world? Croatia faces string of natural disasters

Zagreb was hit by an earthquake in March at the height of Covid-19, and now by a severe storm

Zagreb Cathedral’s spire damaged in major earthquake

City is "fighting two enemies" as it continues to deal with the spread of coronavirus

History of Dubrovnik before, during and after Yugoslav Wars is recorded in photo book

Contrast of city's devastated buildings and monuments and some of their remarkable restorations is heartening

Questions arise surrounding legitimacy of items thought to be part of supposedly incomplete Sevso silver hoard

Documents seen by The Art Newspaper reveal that five bowls, 37 cups and 187 spoons were offered with the 14 pieces which make up the Roman treasure

Bonhams u-turns on no-sale of Sevso silver

Last month the auction house told us it would not sell the hoard, but now it says it might

Bonhams to show Sevso silver in first exhibition since its discovery

Scholars, curators, dealers and collectors have been invited to the private exhibition of the treasure known for its astonishing provenance


Destruction of Croatian monuments ruled a war crime

Yugoslav air force guilty of destroying historic monuments in Dubrovnik

Slow progress on restoring war-torn Croatia

Work is underway, but worst hit town Vukovar still 'deserted'

The Sevso silver remains in Manhattan storage as court discussions continue

Hungary's appeal of the verdict that was reached in spring awaits a decision

Council of Europe report emphasises danger to works of art in emergency storage

30% of the movable cultural property in Croatia needs emergency treatment

Austria to the aid of the Croatian heritage as war rages

Old historical ties revived as the Kunsthistorisches Museum, with government blessing, devises a conservation package

Photographic exhibition documents the cost of the Croatian conflict

A harrowing look into the damage wreaked during the last seven months

Damage inflicted on cultural monuments in the Yugoslav conflict

Report of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, Croatian Ministry of Education and Culture, with information collected by 5 October 1991


War in Croatia: An open letter in protest of the devastation in Yugoslavia

Signatories include The Art Newspaper's own Anna Somers Cocks