MK Gallery

Never-before-seen South Asian miniature paintings from British Royal Collection to go on view in Milton Keynes

The exhibition at MK gallery will track the development of the art form from the 16th century to the present day and will explore how the works ended up in the UK to begin with

Major exhibition devoted to Vivian Maier—the Chicago nanny and preternatural street photographer—arrives in the UK

MK Gallery hosts the first British show of Vivian Maier, the American nanny who secretly took hundreds of thousands of photographs that first came to light in 2007

Ingrid Pollard’s pastoral perspective still packs a punch

In a career survey at MK Gallery, the Guyanese-born British artist and photographer continues her exploration of race, sexuality and identity with new works

Major show of Vivian Maier—a Chicago nanny who was also a secretive street photographer—is heading to the UK

Laura Knight and Ingrid Pollard exhibitions also part of year-long women artists programme at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes