National Heritage Memorial Fund

Goodwill and a lot of luck hands the Rubens Whitehall sketch to the Tate

Generosity on the part of Viscount Hampden, the Art Fund, and the National Heritage Memorial Fund ensured this critical work found a home at the Tate

Tate to go for Rubens Whitehall sketch

Valued at £11.5m, the preliminary sketch for The Apotheosis of King James I is now up for sale


Tate launches appeal to buy Turner's Blue Rigi

The Blue Rigi has been sold to an overseas collector, and after last year's loss of the Dark Rigi the pressure is on


Final effort for Tate to save Reynolds’ Archers

The Tate continues to fiercely pursue their fundraising campaign in the hopes that this great work may remain in the UK

Tate Gallery annual report for 1992-94: great progress on small funds

The study shows an increasing and successful reliance on non-government support in this time of limited funding and frozen resources