New York State

Six galleries turning a school in upstate New York into a collective art space

The Campus, near the town of Hudson, will open to the public this summer

New York governor seeks removal of problematic images of Native Americans

Kathy Hochul has proposed removing certain imagery from the state capitol in Albany

New York governor proposes 56% cut to state arts funding

Should Kathy Hochul’s state budget for financial year 2024 come to pass, funds for the New York Council for the Arts will be slashed by $61.7m

Nazi-looted art on display in New York museums must be prominently identified as such under new law

The new state regulation, signed into law by Governor Hochul, requires museums to install placards or other signage alongside works on view that were looted by the Nazis during the Second World War

FBI recovers painting suspected as Nazi loot from US museum

Gari Melchers's painting of a winter landscape, which was in the Arkell Museum in the state of New York, belonged to the media mogul Rudolf Mosse

Artist Nan Goldin and other activists arrested during opioid protest at New York governor’s office

Campaigners known for museum protests accuse Andrew Cuomo of not doing enough to halt drug deaths