October 1994

Luis Monreal, director of La Caixa, has a national-sized budget to spend

The Spanish savings bank, had an operating budget of $67.64 million in 1993, of which $11.87 million was spent on visual arts projects

The end of the Grands Projets

France's culture budget will see a 2.5% drop in real terms next year

Corporations favour political correctness

Arts sponsorship is increasingly associated with marketing concerns rather than disinterested corporate philanthropy

The smoking dilemma: will Philip Morris's art support outlive its critics?

The tobacco giant remains one of the most important private funders of the arts in the US

The mechanics of sponsorship: an interview with one of the UK's biggest exhibition sponsors

James Joll of the international media giant Pearson plc explains the who, what, why and quid pro quo of corporate involvement in the arts