Penn Museum

Report condemns two University of Pennsylvania anthropologists for ‘gross insensitivity’ in handling of human remains from a 1985 police attack

Investigation recommends a review of Penn Museum practices while clearing the two individuals of unethical conduct

Whitney voluntarily recognises a union local, sparing employees the need to organise a vote

From curators to porters, more than 180 workers are involved in the effort as labour campaigns multiply among US art institutions

Penn Museum apologises for allowing the use of human remains of Black Philadelphians in an online class

The statement follows a petition condemning the institution and calling for a public investigation

Penn Museum announces recommendations for repatriation of human skulls

The museum holds a collection of more than 1,000 remains amassed in the mid-19th century to uphold theories of racial superiority

Penn Museum hands over fragments of 387 ancient clay tablets to Iraqi Embassy

Archaeologists say the tablets, unearthed nearly a century ago, are akin to receipts

Opening new galleries and showcasing its sphinx, Penn Museum rebrands its image

Museum at the University of Pennsylvania will open 10,000 sq. ft of reimagined spaces

Penn Museum unveils multi-phase revamp

University museum will highlight its archaeological expeditions in new galleries