Philadelphia Museum of Art

Space race: how the pandemic is pushing museums to rethink design

Experts predict bigger galleries, a stronger connection to the outdoors and an end to the expansion juggernaut

Philadelphia Museum of Art vote to unionise in 89% supermajority

The victory for the organising staff comes two days after the museum announced a round of layoffs

Philadelphia Museum of Art to eliminate more than 20% of its staff

Loss of jobs comes amid plunge in revenue from coronavirus shutdown

Giuseppe Penone presents two big gifts of drawings to Philadelphia Museum of Art and Centre Pompidou

Arte Povera sculptor hopes that his donations of hundreds of works on paper will start a dialogue


Labour organising committee assails Philadelphia museum’s use of a ‘union avoidance’ law firm

Employees call on the museum to take a position of neutrality in any union vote


Workers at Philadelphia Museum of Art seek to unionise

Entreating management to recognise the union voluntarily, employees emphasise goals of equity, diversity and inclusion

Director is out at Erie Art Museum

Departure follows New York Times article describing objectionable behaviour with female employees


Collector says he was duped into selling Brancusi sculpture

He seeks $200m in damages from lawyer who he says "hoodwinked" him

Old Masters, new tricks: conservators unearth century-old collection’s secrets

Two years of investigation preceded the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s exhibition of highlights from the Johnson Collection

Philadelphia Dalí exhibition generates $55 million

Every available ticket sold for this blockbuster show

The $2.6 million Dalí circus comes to town: No-holds-barred promotion of exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A credit card company has spearheaded the massive publicity campaign for the centennial retrospective

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The $2.6 million Dalí retrospective comes to Philadelphia

A credit card company has spearheaded the massive publicity campaign for the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s exhibition

Warren Rohrer at Locks Gallery, Philadelphia

His work reveals how the vestiges of landscape can linger in abstract work

Dox Thrasharchive

Heartache and the American dream: Dox Thrash at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Thrash deserves to be remembered for more than just his technical inventions

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The Barnes Foundation harnesses home-shopping channel

Renoir makes his TV debut as controversy reigns over merchandising