The Getty Museum retreats from the antiquities market

In a radical change of policy, the Getty now favours archaeological conservation, research and education over collection building


Pillaged Cambodian art sold at Sotheby’s and displayed in the Met

Despite being published last year by the International Council of Museums, severed stone heads are circulating in London and New York


Former Greek premier caught red-handed with illegal antiquities

Almost all Minoan antiquities assembled by former premier, Mr Mitsotakis, appear to have an illegal provenance.

Divine Dalì's opera on birth, death, and Catherine the Great in her underwear

Opera conceived by Salvador Dalì in 1927 recorded in 1974, is released on CD

Fake Beuys drawings scandal in officially sponsored exhibition at Accademia di Brera

Thirty-eight works impounded while court searches for a reliable expert


Sleeper found at Sotheby's found to be genuine fifteenth-century sculpture

Very few bronzes survive from this period, making the piece a remarkable find


X-ray techniques date Rembrandt prints precisely

“In Sotheby’s N.Y. last May 28 out of 80 prints were later impressions”


Matisse forgeries in the market is nothing new

Dealers fear more forged prints may emerge