Senatorial pulling power brings Raphaels to France

Despite curators’ protests, the French senate has pushed through a Raphael exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg, Paris


Books: Unusual angles and changing perspectives of Renaissance Masters

Raphael gets assessed according to the theories of Rudolph Steiner and Vasari’s judgement of Andrea del Sarto is reversed

Titian and Raphael portraits that launched 1,000 faces

Raphael’s “Donna Velata” and Titian’s “Young Englishman” have become two of the most influential paintings by Renaissance masters

Raphael’s lines of influence at the Queen's Gallery

The Royal collection of drawings by Raphael and his circle to cross the Atlantic

The National Gallery provides a grand overview of Lorenzo Lotto, the 16th century painter with a still undefined image

The exhibition contains some stunning examples of Lorenzo Lotto’s approach to portraiture, which is to show the private rather than the public individual


Experts suggest Raphael's cartoons conceived as rivals to Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel

Detailed study of the V&A's Raphael cartoons suggests he painted them as independent works of art


Painting captured in police sting is by Raphael, says leading expert

The owner's careless sales technique led the carabinieri right to his doorstep


Edinburgh acquires Raphael drawing

It is now the National Gallery's second drawing by Raphael


Raphael re-discovered in Northumberland Collection

Raphael’s “Madonna of the Pinks” has now been firmly reattributed after cleaning

New exhibition on Cola dell’ Amatrice, a Raphaelesque shrinking violet

The exhibition at he Pinacoteca Civica di Palazzo Arringo is open until 15 October

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Marcos Collection shines in upcoming Christie's sale

Fresh information has confirmed the importance of the works which will be put on the block

Art marketarchive

Marcos treasures arrive in New York for upcoming Christie's sale

The Philippines to auction the Collection to set up an agricultural reform programme