The Hague

Dutch museum looted by Napoleon does not seek restitution

An exhibition at the Mauritshuis in The Hague has revealed that the Dutch are still missing 67 paintings looted by the French in Napoleonic times


The Hague’s art arbitration court to open in April

But it remains an open question whether the trade will accept the new court’s decisions

Mauritshuis invites visitors to watch conservators clean its oldest painting

Dutch museum will remove yellowed varnish from Van der Weyden's The Lamentation of Christ

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The Dutch government gives up its claim on Nazi loot

The decision not to appeal cannot but weaken its claim to other war booty such as the Koenigs collection still held in Russia

Dutch government yields Nazi-looted 'NK collection'

Thousands of works in secret collection are now being claimed


New UNESCO protocol states attacks on cultural property during wartime will be criminalised

A new protocol allows for prosecution of organisations and individuals, putting pressure on art market professionals

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Dutch government chases war-booty Savery

The piece was taken during World War II

The full text of the Hague convention for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict (1954)

Neither the U.S.A. nor G.B. have ratified it, despite having insisted, with Turkey, on the inclusion of an exemption clause for military necessity