Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Acquisitions round-up: Louvre acquires Jean-Siméon Chardin's Basket of Wild Strawberries after fundraising campaign

Plus, Morel cup enters the Musée d'Orsay and non-profit Joy of Giving Something gifts photography collection to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Contested Congolese sculpture returns home, temporarily

The Balot sculpture will be in the Democratic Republic of Congo for six months, while a video of it shows simultaneously at the Venice Biennale

US museum repatriates 44 antiquities to Egypt, Italy and Turkey

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts cooperated in an investigation that determined each of the 44 objects had been stolen, looted or trafficked

As the world strums: an exhibition examines the unique appeal and political power of guitars

The show “Stories Strings” at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts brings together images of guitars in art from the 19th century to today, plus classic examples of the instruments themselves

An historic appointment: Lynette L. Allston is the first Indigenous person to serve as board president of a major US museum

Allston had previously advised the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in devising its land acknowledgement agreement

Bouncing back: the US museums that have regained the visitors lost to Covid closures

While the pandemic has devastated the visitor numbers of many big-name museums, some medium-sized institutions are already thriving

Museums plan for a busy year despite Covid-19 uncertainty

Will 2022 see a return to normal for exhibition schedules? Or will surging cases mean plans have to be torn up again? We asked museum directors and head curators how confident they are for the year ahead

'Paris's glowing milieu spills onto every corner': Virginia show theatrically tells the story of Man Ray's fruitful time in the City of Lights

Exhibition pays as much attention to the personalities that sat for Man Ray’s portraits as it does his photographic innovations

Exhibition celebrates a spirited collective of African-American photographers

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts chronicles achievements and inner debates of the Kamoinge Workshop