US exhibition to reveal audacity and experimentation of Eastern Bloc artists

The Walker Art Center's show brings together work by nearly 100 artists living under communist rule

How Yugoslavia’s architecture tried to cement a national identity

Exhibition at New York's MoMA aims to show how monumental buildings contributed to a “collective civic space in a multi-ethnic society”


Marina Abramovic: reflecting on the good witch of the East

The Yugoslavian-born artist continues to animate audiences with her exercises in pleasure and pain


Destruction of Croatian monuments ruled a war crime

Yugoslav air force guilty of destroying historic monuments in Dubrovnik


Russian cultural institutions suffer collateral damage from the war in the Balkans

The director of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky, outlines the possible implications for his museum of the NATO campaign

Archaeologists move into war zone on Adriatic coast

The area, unfortunately located close to the conflict in Kosovo province, is largely unexplored


Bogdan Bogdanovic speaks out: War in Yugoslavia, a house attacked by demons

The architect, whose entire career has been devoted to the tragic commemoration of war victims, is one of the very few Serbians brave enough to speak out against the current Serbian aggression. Here he describes the war fever that has gripped his country and lays the blame on the intellectuals


War in Croatia: An open letter in protest of the devastation in Yugoslavia

Signatories include The Art Newspaper's own Anna Somers Cocks