Museums in the changing world order

Museums in the changing world order: the rise of authoritarian nationalism

In the third part of a new series, Adrian Ellis looks at the cost of state support in illiberal democracies and the insidious erosion of institutional independence


How the Mexican Stridentist movement tried to build a national identity following the Civil War

Art and social action after the Mexican Revolution


Polish art world calls on national museum to stage 'major international show' against fascism

An open letter to Krakow institution asks for exhibition to counter rise of the right in Poland


Interview with Robert Storr, director of the 2007 Venice Biennale: "I would recommend dramatically increasing the number of national pavilions"

In the second part of our interview with Storr, he considers the question of how to make the historic event truly representative of today’s global art world

Antiquities & Archaeology

Archaeological reforms needed in source countries: Reward the finder, excavate faster, keep what is important but allow a licit market

Laws now are obsessed with the objects rather than the sites