Ex-herring factory nets Eliasson’s homecoming

Olafur Eliasson is setting up a workshop in Reykjavík, Iceland, that will serve as a base for “trips across the highlands and the glaciers of the country, a source of inspiration for him since his childhood”, the artist’s spokeswoman tells us. The space is in the harbour area of the capital, in a former herring factory that is now being restored. Eliasson’s neighbours in the building will include the artist-run Living Art Museum Nýló, known for its extensive Dieter Roth collection, and the artist collective Kling and Bang. Eliasson has an Icelandic passport but grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has his main studio in Berlin. His work will be on show at the Palace of Versailles from June until November; he is the ninth contemporary artist invited to exhibit in the former royal chateau.