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Gagosian Gallery’s pop-up Lichtenstein

A mural made by Roy Lichtenstein for exhibition with the legendary dealer Leo Castelli in 1983, destroyed at the artist’s request after the show, is being recreated at the Gagosian Gallery on West 24th street this month (10 September-17 October). The Lichtenstein Foundation and one of Lichtenstein’s former studio assistants will oversee the execution of a full-scale replica of Greene Street Mural, which is almost 100 feet long. “We’re recreating it for historical purposes—it’s not for sale. It’s a replica that will be destroyed after the show,” says Gagosian’s Leta Grzan, who has co-organised the exhibition with Stefan Ratibor, a director of Gagosian, London. The gallery has arranged loans from private collectors, including works from the original Castelli show, as well as paintings referenced in the mural. Studies, original drawings and a blueprint for the mural will also on display, including a loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York of Final Study for Greene Street Mural (1983).