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What to see in Condo New York

The American edition of the international gallery exchange programme brings exhibitors from Cairo, Tokyo and Kolkata

Gözde Ilki's Kingdom (2016), which is made with stitching and painting on fabric dyed with plant extract Gypsum Gallery

More than 40 international galleries are coming to New York as part of the second edition of the “gallery exchange” programme Condo New York. The project, which was founded in London by the dealer Vanessa Carlos, has galleries turn over part or all of their exhibition space to their colleagues from other cities, and also happens in Shanghai and Mexico City. In New York, the programme opens with a preview on Friday, 28 June and is organised by the gallerists Nicole Russo of Chapter NY and Simone Subal.

The project will run across 21 spaces in Manhattan through July. Russo says “we are definitely excited about adding the Upper East Side galleries to this edition”, as the event was previously centred in Chelsea. The collaboration between New York and visiting galleries aims to “offer a more generous and encouraging environment for the global presentation of experimental exhibitions”, says the organisers. Below are some highlights from this year's crop of visiting exhibitors:

Gypsum Gallery of Cairo and Misaka and Rosen of Tokyo, hosted by Franklin Parrasch

Gypsum is showing a series of mixed-media works and drawings by the Turkish artist Gözde Ilki, who creates politically-charged tapestries from repurposed textiles and paint. Misaka and Rosen is bringing a vibrant painting by Hisachika Takahashi, once a studio assistant of Lucio Fontana and Robert Rauschenberg as well as a series of works by Yui Yaegashi, best known for her abstract paintings made on tiny canvases.

Nanzuka of Tokyo, hosted by Petzel Gallery

The gallery has brought works by the self-taught Japanese artist Haroshi, who is best known for his mosaic wooden sculptures made from recycled skateboard decks, as well as pieces by Makoto Taniguchi, who produces mirror-image works of anime characters, and paintings by Masato Mori.

Experimenter of Kolkata, hosted by Bridget Donahue

Geometric watercolours by the Dhaka-based artist Ayesha Sultana are on show, as well as kaleidoscopic oil paintings by the New York and Kolkata-based artist Kanishka Raja, a series of drawings by Rathin Barman of "altered living spaces" and brass sculptures by Sahil Naik that aim to evoke urban environments.