Welcome to the Shitshow! Jeremy Deller greets Frieze visitors with an original work for The Art Newspaper

Special "pull-out souvenir" is available in our first daily edition at the fair

Jeremy Deller's "souvenir poster" for The Art Newspaper © Jeremy Deller

Turner Prize-winning artist, Jeremy Deller, has produced a new poster for The Art Newspaper’s first Frieze Daily: a special pull-out souvenir of Britain in 2019. Deller says he wants the work to act “like a welcome mat to people who come from all over the world to London; like a banner at Heathrow airport greeting travellers as they arrive”. It’s “vulgar and trashy, equally at home at Camden market, which is close to the fair”, he says.

And what does he make of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “do or die” Brexit and our current parliamentary crisis as it plays out across the international media? “It’s an ongoing situation, so whatever I say will be out of date in a few hours. Boris might not even be prime minister by the end of the fair,” he responds. So, is there anyone who can conceivably lead us out of this mess? “Rod Stewart. It’s only Rod Stewart who can save us now. I am willing to give it a go and talk to him about it.”

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