Public art

Olafur Eliasson waterfall for Copenhagen swimming pool

A proposal to build an art pool in the Danish capital would allow visitors to “get in touch” with underwater works

The people of Copenhagen may soon be able to swim underneath a waterfall designed by Olafur Eliasson and dive down to see underwater sculptures by other artists.

The private collector Jens Faurschou has teamed up with the former director of the ARoS art museum, Jens Erik Sørensen, and put forward a proposal to build an art pool in the centre of the Danish capital. Swimmers would have the chance to “get in touch” with the works, Sørensen says.

Eliasson tells us: “I have wanted to construct a waterfall in Copenhagen for a while. I’m keen to participate in this project as it’s a work of art.” He created four temporary waterfalls along New York’s East River for the Public Art Fund in 2008.