Art market

Pruitt brings flea market back to Venice Biennale

The New York artist Rob Pruitt is reviving his invitational flea market this month during the preview days of the Venice Biennale (5-8 May), at A plus A gallery. For the market’s eighth edition, Pruitt has enlisted the help of the Venice-based curator Tommaso Speretta, students from the School of Curatorial Studies Venice, and, of course, the dozens of artists who will be selling their eclectic wares and staging readings and performances during the event. “The city becomes a true seaport with artists arriving daily, so lots of people have invitations and it’ll be very flexible”, Pruitt says. Some of the market’s highlights include the Austria-born artist Rainer Ganahl’s sale of his library—a hefty collection of philosophy tomes—and Jim Krewson ‘s airbrushed caricatures of art-world luminaries, which the New York artist will be creating “in his signature hillbilly style”, Pruitt says.