Ready to see some art? The top exhibitions of the summer

Plus, the artist Hassan Hajjaj on a Dr Alimantado album cover

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An installation view of Tate Britain's Walk through British Art collection display Courtesy of Tate photography (Oli Cowling)

This week, in our last episode of this series, we look at the top exhibitions you can see this summer in the UK, Europe and the US, with Anna Brady and Gareth Harris joining Ben Luke in London, and Helen Stoilas, Nancy Kenney and Jillian Steinhauer in New York. We also reflect on the anxieties and ethics of visiting galleries as Covid-19 remains widespread.

The album cover for Doctor Alimantado’s 1978 debut The Best Dressed Chicken in Town

And we have our usual Work of the Week, this time chosen by the artist Hassan Hajjaj, who looks at an album cover—Doctor Alimantado’s 1978 debut The Best Dressed Chicken in Town—and discusses how it influenced his own photography. Hajjaj's exhibition The Path is on show at Arnolfini in Bristol until 1 November.

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