Pre-Columbian art

Art & Technology

Zemí Cohoba Stand: an AR experience with exceptional 3D modelling from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

An expert view brought to you by our XR Panel of artists and storytellers who create in virtual reality and augmented reality

Antiquities & Archaeology

Decoded Maya hieroglyphs reveal the name of powerful woman ruler: ‘Lady Yopaat’

After ten years of research, the city of Cobá is revealing its secrets to archaeologists

Art market

Christie's Paris to auction scientist Ilya Prigogine's collection of pre-Columbian artefacts

The ritual objects include Mezcala and Chontal sculpture, plus Olmec stone celts


A golden age in the Americas when even artists were 'spoils of war'

Indigenous peoples valued luxury objects more as tools of statecraft and for communicating with the divine than for their precious metals


Interview with dealer Santo Micali on finding new markets for pre-Columbian art

Argentina, Mexico and Brazil could be the future for a field struggling with limited supply

Antiquities & Archaeology

Brussels Non-European Art Fair fair hit by weak dollar and stay-away collectors

Paris auctions were poor except for Pre-Colombian works


Collector profile: Jan Mitchell's antiquities and the search for "the philosopher’s stone"

The man behind the Mitchell Prize, awarded last month, is also a major collector of Pre-Columbian gold sculpture