Tristram Hunt

Sackler family

Nan Goldin brings first PAIN protest to the UK, storming the Victoria and Albert Museum

Demonstrators demand that V&A director Tristram Hunt drops Sackler name

Climate Change

V&A director Tristram Hunt defends sponsorship from fossil fuel companies

The former Labour MP sides with Science Museum group's director Ian Blatchford in saying companies such as BP can 'be part of the solution' to climate change


Restitution Report: museum directors respond

The French academics Bénédicte Savoy and Felwine Sarr urge President Macron to return African artefacts. But does the report go too far, or not far enough?

Museums & Heritage

Tristram Hunt unveils plans for V&A East—the Victoria & Albert Museum's satellite London location

Museum will receive the buildings in former Olympic park for free, director says

In the frame

Should UK foreign aid benefit cultural projects overseas? George Osborne squares up to Tristram Hunt