Business Committee for the Arts survey suggests that US recession will not reduce art sponsorship

Corporations' trust in art as a tool for generating publicity has not wavered


A survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts has shown that businesses think art is good for them. An increasing number (55% as against 39% in 1988) include the arts in their marketing strategies and 80% of those responding say that they incorporate the arts in their public relations programmes. 73% plan to continue giving at the same level in 1991, while 15% are actually intending to increase their support. Twelve per cent are going to decrease it for a variety of reasons, including diminished profits. Good works did not hold up so well by contrast, and on average, philanthropic budgets were down 3% on last year, to 20%.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as "U.S. recession will not hit art sponsorship"