Director Mel Stuart begins filming his new documentary in Miami fairs

The project may span several episodes, following collectors of all types


Mel Stuart, a prolific director of films and documentaries, has been hitting the fairs in Miami along with the New York collector Steve Shane. He is making a documentary entitled: The collectors in search of art, one of a planned series which may run to three or four episodes. Other films will feature the West Coast Clos Pegase winemaker Jan Shrem and the major New York collectors Dorothy and Herbert Vogel. “We want to illuminate a variety of personalities, from people living in one room but collecting art to those who have major collections,” says executive producer Glen Leeber. Camera at the ready, Mr Stuart spent yesterday tramping through ArtBasel/ Miami Beach, NADA and the new Aqua fair—where Mr Shane was admiring works by the sculptor Scott Fife at the Chicago-based gallery, Bodybuilder & Sportsman.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Lights, collectors, action!'