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73 Warhols flood the market: A quick look at what this means for the High Priest of Pop

A broad range of works reap favourable prices


Works by Andy Warhol totalled a whopping $201m across the sales at which an astonishing 73 were consigned. “It’s almost counterintuitive: the more material there is, the broader the audience and the greater the brand awareness,” said New York dealer James Cohan. The market may be growing, but it is conservative. Warhol ticks all the boxes, his work is instantly recognisable and associated with American optimism at its post-war peak. The brand appeals to new buyers, and is of historical importance to serious collectors. And the range of works—the recent auctions included pieces priced between $14,000 and $40m, and from early works through to paintings from the 1980s—means there is something for everyone. “We knew Warhol was strong, and the other iconic works were not in our range,” said Ann Harlee Cook who, on behalf of a private US client, bought Warhol’s Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980-81 (right), for $1.4m (est $1.2m-$1.8m) at Sotheby's.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Three days, seventy-three Warhols…'