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Sex, Soho, cocksure snappers and cigarette money: the making of London’s 1960s art world

A new book by Lisa Tickner, called London's New Scene, focuses on a cast of glamorous characters and gritty drama, with much that resonates today

Dora Maar and Jann Haworth: acclaim at last

We take a tour of the Dora Maar show at London's Tate Modern, where the artist is finally getting her due, and talk to US artist Jann Haworth about her retrospective at Pallant House Gallery. Produced in association with Bonhams, auctioneers since 1793

Hosted by Ben Luke. Produced by Julia Michalska, David Clack and Aimee Dawson

Top of the Pods: the world of Warhol, as told by Jeremy Deller and Donna De Salvo

With the Pop artist's blockbuster retrospective currently on show at SFMoMA, we delve into the life and legacy of the ever-popular painter with artist Jeremy Deller and curator Donna De Salvo. Produced in association with Bonhams, auctioneers since 1793.

Nicola L., known for her feminist functional design, has died at 81

The artist’s 50-year career transcended art and design and provided humourous political critique

The Vatican to host major Andy Warhol exhibition

Show will 'explore the artist's spiritual side' with Last Supper series and skull silkscreens

The Warehouse goes Pop

Warhol, Johns and Lichtenstein are among the stars of a show drawing on the collection of Martin Margulies

Last painting by British Pop art co-founder Pauline Boty to be auctioned

BUM was created just before Boty died of cancer aged 28 in 1966

The rise and fall of the American dream: Printmaking in America on show at the British Museum

200 works are now on show which explore hot topics from the 1960s onward, from Vietnam to the AIDs crisis

India’s first Pop artist Bhupen Khakhar coming to Tate Modern

Not yet publicly announced, it is scheduled for 2016


Romero Britto and his dealers sued over forgeries

The artist is implicated in scheme, allegedly allowing fakes to circulate


Toronto theatre mogul David Mirvish to stage his own shows

Will the Canadian collector showcase his expansive modern art collection?

The world after Warhol: MoMA exhibition tracks the Pop artist's influence

They hope to back up their bold claim that Warhol "had the greatest impact of any artist in the past 50 years"


Italian pop art forgery scandal widens as six more works are now being sought

Public prosecutor Giuseppe Ferrando pursues fakes tied to JZ Art gallery


Football star and former Formula 1 boss caught up in fakes case

Jonathan Zebina and Flavio Briatore deny knowing paintings may be forgeries

Interview with Sir Peter Blake: “I made a conscious decision to be kind to younger artists”

The pop “godfather” on stuffed animals, the urge to collect and the burden of Sergeant Pepper

Interview with Claes Oldenburg on his bitter-sweet new project: “The objects of today are not interesting”

Claes Oldenburg on his love of things, the loss of his wife and whether to accept a commission for Abu Dhabi

Interview with Jeff Koons on the eve of his summer show at the Serpentine: Pop culture meets art history

Koons talks to us about the artists who inspire him, his studio system, and what he hopes to communicate to the public through his work


Art on the big screen: The art of war and sex

A look at 'Guernica: Portrait of War' and 'Love You More'

Art marketarchive

Warhol “Athletes” commissioned for $800,000 to be sold for $28m

This is the first time a complete set of the series is on offer


Books: Sixties art in the US, a tale of two coasts

Eva Hesse’s tragic vision and the multifarious works by artists in California

Art marketarchive

Art historians appointed to the Warhol Authentication Board to help judge attributions

The Warhol Foundation adds curatorial experts to attempt to ease the controversy surrounding its authentication board

Interview with James Rosenquist on his month in Manhattan

Four exhibitions devoted to the Pop pioneer open this November, including a retrospective at the Guggenheim

Interview with Robert Indiana on LOVE, Pop, words and more

Indiana has emerged from his Maine retreat to claim his rightful place alongside his more famous contemporaries

Interview with Richard Hamilton: Product Displacement

As major exhibitions of his work open in London and Barcelona, Hamilton explains his boredom with the London art scene, the lineage of his tables and his undying debt to Marcel Duchamp

Pollock Fine Art opens new gallery

As well as showing the work of contemporary artists they have a special interest in Andy Warhol and Pop art

Warhol reexamined at the Tate

At the close of the century, Tate Modern looks back at one of the biggest names in 20th-century art


We must salvage what remains of the past: Interview with Johnson Chang

The guru of avant-garde Chinese art in the Eighties and early Nineties talks now of a return to tradition

Art marketarchive

An insider’s guide to the contemporary art sales, New York: Romping with Barney, Whiteread and Kiki Smith

A new strategy at Sotheby’s as private collectors’ appetite for sculpture grows

José Berardo’s collection goes public

Financier unveils his new museum in Sintra’s former Casino with a collection formed in just four years

The infancy of Pop Art on show at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art

Exploring the early works of Johns, Rauschenberg, Warhol and the young masters of Pop

June 1992archive

Just what is it that makes Richard Hamilton so different, so appealing?

The artist gives a rare interview ahead of his Tate Gallery retrospective, weighing in on Pop Art and the Pop revival and the need for quality judgements in art and consumer society