Romero Britto and his dealers sued over forgeries

The artist is implicated in scheme, allegedly allowing fakes to circulate


Ryan Mack, the founder of the Minnesota-based contemporary art gallery Griffin Fine Art, is suing seven galleries and individuals in federal court for allegedly selling him more than 40 forged works by the Brazilian-American Pop artist Romero Britto.

According to Courthouse News Service, Britto Central, a Miami Beach-based gallery, and Magical Thinking Art are among the defendants, along with Britto himself. According to the court papers, “Britto and his corporation Britto Central, Inc were aware of the scheme and despite this knowledge… continue to allow forged pieces of Romero Britto to remain in the marketplace”. Jessica de Velasco, the director of communications at Britto Central, denied any wrongdoing, saying: “Britto Central, Magical Thinking Art and Mr Britto are victims of this scheme, just like Mr Mack.” The allegation that Britto is responsible is “absolutely preposterous”, De Velasco says.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Britto and his dealers sued over forgeries'