David Batchelor’s Sixty Minute Spectrum (2017) on display at the Hayward Gallery, which reopens in January 2018 after two years of refurbishment Pete Woodhead

David Batchelor’s work runs though the visible colour spectrum every hour: from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and every colour in between Pete Woodhead

A close-up of Batchelor’s Sixty Minute Spectrum, which uses the 66 glass pyramid structures that are part of the Hayward Gallery's roof Richard Battye FCB Studio

“We wanted to have a commission that would suggest that the Hayward was reawakening again after being in hibernation for over two years and it would be a small drumroll announcing that we will be opening our doors soon,” says the Hayward Gallery director Ralph Rugoff Pete Woodhead

Although Sixty Minute Spectrum is due to end on 25 March 2018, it may remain in place for "several years", Rugoff says Pete Woodhead

David Batchelor lights up the Hayward Gallery

The British artist has unveiled Sixty Minute Spectrum (2017), a new light installation incorporating the London gallery’s distinctive roof