Marc Spiegler playing football on the beach © Katherine Hardy

Nach jugendstil kam Rocokko (2006) by the “hot” Swiss artist Urs Fischer at Gavin Brown © Katherine Hardy

Friends With You balloons on parade on South Beach’s shoreline © Katherine Hardy

Art Basel in Miami Beach’s opening party at the Raleigh Hotel © Vanessa Ruiz

Yayoi Kusama’s Flowers That Bloom Tomorrow (2010) at Victoria Miro Photo: David Owens

José Carlos Martinat’s Isla (2009) at Revolver Galería Photo: David Owens

King of Design Miami: Studio Job’s Burj Khalifa (2014) at Carpenters Workshop Gallery © Vanessa Ruiz

Collector Jorge Pérez getting a lift from rapper Wyclef Jean Photo: Madison McGaw/ © BFA

Fawning over Tony Tasset’s DEER (2015) at Public © Vanessa Ruiz

Ugo Rondinone, Miami Mountain (2016) Photo: Vanessa Ruiz

The fabulous DJ Lady Bunny Photo: © Art Basel

A visitor to Art Basel in Miami Beach snaps a selfie at the installation Maze of Quotes by Toilet Paper, a collaboration between Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, presented by the Fondation Beyeler Photo: © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

Tony Tasset’s Fallen Snowman (2017) Photo: © Vanessa Ruiz

In pictures: 15 years at Art Basel in Miami Beach

From the fair's director Marc Spiegler playing football on the beach to the collector Jorge Pérez getting a lift from rapper Wyclef Jean, some of our favourite images from the archive


Miami looks good—especially in December, when it is dripping with art, jewels and champagne (not to mention stylish people). Over the past 15 years, our photographers have captured some incredible images during Art Basel in Miami Beach, from artist-made inflatables on parade to King Kong climbing a cabinet. Here are some of our favourites from the archive. Enjoy!