Art Basel in Miami Beach

No shortage of fanfare at Art Basel/Miami Beach opening

Art Basel/Miami Beach started as it meant to go on, a performance by the Scissor Sisters and "Art Loves Puppet Rock" attracting the art world's hip and happening

It would be too boring–and envy-inspiring–to list all the parties that took place last night, but we just had to include a few highlights on page 2, among them, the Scissor Sisters (above). On the right, a sexy scene from “Puppet Rock”. Only at ABMB could a puppet show become the most exclusive and painfully modish party in town. Thanks to a delicious array of patrons from Trans to Francesca Thyssen-Hapsburg, the Walker and Tim Nye’s Foundation 20 21, the opening night of “Art Loves Puppet Rock” was the ultimate insider event. Held at the Botanical Garden, right opposite the Convention Center and timed just for the ending of the ‘Vernissage’, the jostling crowd included everyone from publisher Benedikt Taschen to Marian Goodman. The cause of all this excitement was a live rock opera featuring not only videos and original songs but a cast of puppets animated by fabled puppeteer Phillip Hubert and his ‘Hubert Marionettes.’ Suspicions that the potential, tingling ‘embarrassment-effect’ must have been deliberate were confirmed by the title, “Don’t trust anybody over 30”

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper Art Basel Miami Beach Daily as 'Art Basel/Miami Beach rocks'

Appeared in TAN Daily - ABMB, December 2004