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Sackler Museum in Beijing turns 25 and plans expansion

As Sackler heirs continue to deny claims of involvement in US opioid crisis, Jillian Sackler honours Arthur’s achievements

Interview by Adrian Dannatt

Tim Hunt—flâneur and the curator of the Andy Warhol Foundation—has died, aged 60

"He was the most charming, kind and witty individual imaginable, for whom nobody had a bad word, which is rare in the art world"

'Critics say Pop artists love their subject matter. Bullshit!' Remembering James Rosenquist

Pop artist, who has died aged 83, told us ahead of his 2003 Guggenheim retrospective about subverting New York billboards as a young man

Dispatches from our Man at the Antarctic Biennale: setting sail

Our correspondent, Adrian Dannatt, shares his diary from the expedition to the White Continent

Paul Walter, the voracious New York collector, connoisseur and bon vivant pioneered photography collecting, has died

He was able to focus on the rare and the unique, and this was something the others learned from

Meet Udnie, Picabia’s muse and America’s first supermodel

Biographer uncovers identity of avant-garde artist’s model and tells the story of her tragic life

Robin Page: Pioneering British Fluxus artist and art-world rebel

Page found it hard to settle and survive, and most of his creative life was spent in a state of penury worthy of La Bohème

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Starry night for Tate in New York: celebrity friends help museum fundraise in style

Sarah Jessica Parker and the mysterious Tate Americas Foundation raise money for Latin American acquisitions

Interview with Patti Smith: "I look at Jeff Koons’s stuff and I’m appalled”

The veteran rocker discusses the artists who inspire her, those who do not, and what drives her photography


Collector buying sight-unseen mistakes inches for feet and other art world gossip

Collector of Chinese contemporary gets more than he bargained for..

Jasper Johns: 'I was trying to see something, to see what seeing consisted of'

As the National Gallery of Art opens a show devoted to the artist’s work from the 1950s and 60s, he looks back on the decade and reflects on the process of making