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Sackler Museum in Beijing turns 25 and plans expansion

As Sackler heirs continue to deny claims of involvement in US opioid crisis, Jillian Sackler honours Arthur’s achievements

Interview by Adrian Dannatt

Tim Hunt—flâneur and the curator of the Andy Warhol Foundation—has died, aged 60

"He was the most charming, kind and witty individual imaginable, for whom nobody had a bad word, which is rare in the art world"

'Critics say Pop artists love their subject matter. Bullshit!' Remembering James Rosenquist

Pop artist, who has died aged 83, told us ahead of his 2003 Guggenheim retrospective about subverting New York billboards as a young man

Dispatches from our Man at the Antarctic Biennale: setting sail

Our correspondent, Adrian Dannatt, shares his diary from the expedition to the White Continent

Paul Walter, the voracious New York collector, connoisseur and bon vivant pioneered photography collecting, has died

He was able to focus on the rare and the unique, and this was something the others learned from

Meet Udnie, Picabia’s muse and America’s first supermodel

Biographer uncovers identity of avant-garde artist’s model and tells the story of her tragic life

Robin Page: Pioneering British Fluxus artist and art-world rebel

Page found it hard to settle and survive, and most of his creative life was spent in a state of penury worthy of La Bohème

May 2013archive

Starry night for Tate in New York: celebrity friends help museum fundraise in style

Sarah Jessica Parker and the mysterious Tate Americas Foundation raise money for Latin American acquisitions

Interview with Patti Smith: "I look at Jeff Koons’s stuff and I’m appalled”

The veteran rocker discusses the artists who inspire her, those who do not, and what drives her photography


Collector buying sight-unseen mistakes inches for feet and other art world gossip

Collector of Chinese contemporary gets more than he bargained for..

Jasper Johns: 'I was trying to see something, to see what seeing consisted of'

As the National Gallery of Art opens a show devoted to the artist’s work from the 1950s and 60s, he looks back on the decade and reflects on the process of making


Former MoMA chairman’s oddball art goes under the hammer

William Lieberman’s eclectic holdings yielded bargains

Interview with Allora and Calzadilla on putting everything in context

The duo discuss the political and humorous aspects of their work before a major show at the Moore Space in Miami

Interview with Bill Viola on new work Love/Death: Video is "about really seeing, not just stopping at the surface"

This month, the US artist is unveiling an ambitious new project in London based on his re-working of a Wagner opera

News from New York: Rocking art, baffling awards, and PaceWildenstein hits a midlife crisis

The prestigious New York firm imitates younger, hipper galleries such as Deitch Projects with a show of video game art

News from New York: Marathon sailing and cycling, while Marina Abramovic bares all

The Yugoslavian artist draws the crowds at the Guggenheim with her racy restaging of iconic performance art


News from New York: Turf wars in Tribeca

Artists, actresses and property developers compete for the best properties in the area

Interview with Marina Abramovic on her reperformances at the Guggenheim: Back to the classics

The Yugoslav-born artist will re-enact famous performances from the 1970s this month

News from New York: Major Beuys work tipped for Beacon, while eco-artists discuss decomposition

And Connecticut energy broker Andrew Hall buys Georg Baselitz’s collection of German art

Interview with Malcolm Morley: Paintings about the act of painting

After 50 years, Morley is still fascinated by the potential of the medium and is not too proud to learn from a “watercolour holiday” on an English barge with amateur artists

Interview with Dennis Oppenheim on hid latest exhibition: “I could never stay with just one thing”

The veteran artist promises “truly radical” new work in his show at the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

No shortage of fanfare at Art Basel/Miami Beach opening

Art Basel/Miami Beach started as it meant to go on, a performance by the Scissor Sisters and "Art Loves Puppet Rock" attracting the art world's hip and happening


Marty Marguiles opens a new public exhibition space in Miami

Tracking the collector's vast collection from its inception to his newest project, 'The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse'

Interview with Barry Flanagan on his fascination with bronze: A tradesman, not an artist

Flanagan chooses to depict hares rather than people to steer away from the dominance of the portrait

Is it a bird? A plane? No, just a G-string: Interview with artist E.V. Day

E.V. Day on thongs, Stealth Bombers and why her latest work stretches elasticity to its limit

Interview with James Rosenquist on his month in Manhattan

Four exhibitions devoted to the Pop pioneer open this November, including a retrospective at the Guggenheim

The art of allusion: Interview with Damian Loeb

Damian Loeb’s work relies on the viewer’s recognition of the visual sources that he quotes liberally

Play again, Calder: Artist's toys back in production

A French company is re-producing toys by the inventor of the mobile


News from the States: Police disperse rabid intellectuals while René Ricard mixes with the Amish

Serious over-crowding at Deitch gallery causes policemen to break up event organised by Black Magick witch

Interview with Robert Indiana on LOVE, Pop, words and more

Indiana has emerged from his Maine retreat to claim his rightful place alongside his more famous contemporaries

Art Baselarchive

Art Basel Miami Beach's debut uncovers secrets of success amidst the gloom

Buying mania at this new fair stripped some stands bare in 40 minutes

Interview with Arman: "I do not want to end up in my own mausoleum”

The French artist on playing chess with Duchamp and collecting his own work

New Yorkarchive

What's On in '03: New York's commercial galleries

Nancy Shaver's painted sculpture at Feature Inc. and James Castle's "Structures" at Knoedler & Co.