Adrian Dannatt

Marina Abramovic's The house with the ocean view at the Sean Kelly gallery

The artist will be living for 12 long days within a set of purpose-built structures in the gallery while obeying a whole sequence of self-imposed strictures

Interview with Steven Assael: Painting, the fullness of experience

The foremost figurative painter of his generation, talks about his passionate commitment to the art

Interview with Warren Neidich: When scientists make art

Trained as a neurobiologist, his art is about ways of seeing both physiological and as affected by the high-tech visions around us

Art world news: Gagosian’s smooth dealings, Norton's $6 tantrum, and the new Roman takeover

Meanwhile, Ricard tries his hand at larceny while Blum's Judd masterpiece makes bank

Taken over by the doodle: Interview with Carroll Dunham

Like the Surrealists, Dunham believes that his unconscious dominates him as he works

Ghada Amer: when Islam was sensual

The Egyptian artist draws on a Medieval Muslim erotic text to create her hand-stitched works

What's on in New York: Serra’s solemnity and size at Gagosian

Posthumous popularity at Max Protetch, last works at Matthew Marks mapping at James Cohan, psychedelic audio-visual art at Feigen effective excellence at Zwirner, and homage at Universal Concepts

Interview with Amanda Lear on being a celebrity and being an artist: "Everything that happened to me was completely by accident"

Actress, artist, disco diva, television star, lover of Salvador Dalí and a clutch of rock stars, talks about love, fame, fire and pain

Jenny Holzer: towards the mot juste

The US artist on text being just one medium in her work and how trying to measure up to Goya can keep her motionless for months

Synthesiser’s synthetic synthesis: Interview with leading New Media artist Leo Villareal

He talks to The Art Newspaper ahead of his upcoming show at White Columns

What's on in New York: Contemporary art at its finest with Ellsworth Kelly still strong at Matthew Marks

Also on show are Mark di Suvero’s massive sculptures at Gagosian, and Charles Simond’s unfired clay at the Joseph Helman Gallery

Interview with Shirin Neshat: Where madness is the greatest freedom

Telling universal stories about love, insanity, and death through film and music

Art fairsarchive

Few standout sales as the young and up-and-coming benefit from more recreational buyers: Art Chicago 2001

Limited international collectors, but American museums, local collectors, tourists and children out in force

Interview with artist James Metcalf: Metal mettle

The adventurer, war hero, metalworker, sculptor, and political activist talks about Paris in the 1950s and his work in Mexico

Interview with Pierre Huyghe: Where fact and fiction meet

A bank robbery and its portrayal in the film “Dog Day Afternoon” are the materials used by Huyghe to explore how fantasy shapes memory

Artist interview: Paul Etienne Lincoln

The Englishman in New York on his latest inventions and why he would have made a rubbish YBA

Artist interview: Sue Williams

The US artist on her shift to abstraction and being a happier person

The 2000 Whitney Biennial: A return to the halcyon days of American Art or the dawn of a new era?

The pull of past traditions is juxtaposed with the push of digital innovations

The looming spectre of a large scale photograph : Our choice of New York contemporary galleries

Drawing on draughtsmanship at Alexander and Bonin, Paula Cooper, Zwirner and Marlborough

Jeff Koonsarchive

What's on in New York: Koons comes out of hiding and Struth returns from Paradise

Gagosian christens his Chelsea space with Serra sculptures, plus cutting-edge holiday gift ideas

The body under scrutiny: Interview with Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith responds to recent attacks on her work by Met director Philippe de Montebello