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Austria’s 15th digital arts festival

This year’s 15th Ars Electronica, the Austrian digital arts competition, is as strong as ever, despite the fact that the digital revolution has been going through its first real crisis


There are 2,195 digital projects from 62 countries at the festival, which runs from 1 to 6 September, at two locations in Linz: the Orf Regional Studio and the O.K. Center for Contemporary Art. The festival’s categories give an very accurate overview of the types of work produced under the title of “electronic art”. Computer Animation/ Visual Effects covers the latest developments in special effects and animated film. Interactive Arts is devoted to interactive installations and robotics in general. There are two new sections for internet art: Net Vision, devoted to original ways of communicating via the net, such as on-line games; and Net Excellence, for web projects based on advanced skills in graphics and interface studies. Finally there is Digital Music and Cybergeneration U19 Freestyle Computing, a section confined exclusively to the work of under-19-year-olds (but only from Austria). Participation in the latter section has hit a record this year with 854 entries.To find out more about Ars Electronica, go to: (details about the festival) and (archives and projects on Aec).

Appeared in The Art Newspaper Archive, 117 September 2001