Photographic exhibition documents the cost of the Croatian conflict

A harrowing look into the damage wreaked during the last seven months

The Riverside Gallery of the Royal Festival Hall, which is part of the South Bank Centre, will be showing photographs until 8 March of the damage caused to buildings and works of art in Croatia since the war began last summer. The most recent images date from the first week of January. At the time of writing there was a lull in the fighting, but the show is a reminder that, even if not another shell is fired, there will be an enormous task of restoration facing the Croatians, and many monuments and works of art have been damaged beyond repair. For past articles on the destruction caused by the war, see The Art Newspaper No. 11, October 1991, p. 1; No. 12, November 1991, pp. 1, 10; No. 13, December 1991, p. 2 . See also p. 2 of this issue.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Croatia, the cost of conflict'