War Photography

As war rages in Ukraine, an exhibition considers four centuries of armed conflict through the eyes of artists on the front lines

Images by Francisco de Goya, Roger Fenton and others at the Clark Art Institute offer historical counterpoints to horrific footage from the current conflict, reflecting how much—and how little—about war has changed

Shaun Gladwell on life in Afghanistan

The Australian artist’s three-week sojourn with troops will form basis of new work


Shaun Gladwell sets off for Afghanistan as Australia’s official war artist

He is creating video and photographic works to document the conflict

Images of the Iraq war

Brutality and the bad, bad taste of evil

Three young photographers who covered the war in Afghanistan talk about their experiences

'I am a photographer and I quite often get sent to photograph wars, I report on the human condition'

To see or not to see: Parisian exhibition documents the history of war photography

The Museum of Contemporary History provides historical explanations for why war photographers took the pictures that they did

Art in the media: History as a developing process

Lodz ghetto photos found in Vienna; Van Dyck reassessed; Tracey Emin in profile


Books: Capa's photographs of the Spanish Civil War

Tales of stoicism in the face of extreme adversity

Photojournalists and the Balkan War

Magnum photographers are among those making the images by which this tragedy will be remembered—but which may also eventually fuel the art market

Requiem for photojournalism: New publications and exhibitions

“Today the photo magazines have all folded or been turned into vehicles for lifestyles and personality portraits”

Photographic exhibition documents the cost of the Croatian conflict

A harrowing look into the damage wreaked during the last seven months