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Vukovar, Croatia: Eleven years on and war is still with them

The devastation wreaked by war in pictures

A reminder that there is no such thing as a short, sharp war. This is what the Croatian town of Vukovar looks like 11 years after the Yugoslav army and Serbian forces entered it following a three-month siege. The atrocities they committed there, including the killing of more than 200 civilians who were removed from the hospital, taken to a pig farm, beaten and then summarily executed, have landed Mile Mrksic, then a Yugoslav general, in the United Nations tribunal at the Hague. Others have been indicted for crimes against humanity in absentia. The consistent Serb shelling reduced much of the Hapsburg-era city to rubble. These photographs, taken this February, show the city’s former grand hotel (above), the 18th-century palace of Eltz (top right) and a city street (top left)