Alexander Adams


Three books about Lucian Freud's life and work offer insights that do not always paint a pretty picture

Eccentricity and singled-mindedness were part of the great painter's character, but he had many unappealing traits


Lucian Freud the anti-hero: book relaying artist's philandering and impetuous behaviour is heavy on incident, light on insight

Second and last instalment of this two-part biography on the painter’s life fails to satisfy—but it does supply valuable first-hand records

Protean- rich: on the Gerhard Richter catalogue raisonné

The latest volume reveals Gerhard Richter’s variable but not always successful styles

The grandfather of Post-Modernism

Picabia at his most brilliant, perverse and energetic


The changeable Californian: on Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn’s four-volume catalogue raisonné reveals his variable styles


Despair, pleasure and pride: on the diaries of Eva Hesse

Her private writings are moving but share few of her ideas about art


All together now: on the Francis Bacon catalogue raisonné

The complete collection of Francis Bacon’s paintings is published—at last


A sickly flower of Decadent London: on the work of Aubrey Beardsley

The complete works of the illustrator, presented in all their “corrupting” glory


When fame trumped political engagement

A significant shift in Gerhard Richter’s work can be seen in the most recent volume of the catalogue raisonné


Portrait of the jeering artist as a young gent: Alexander Adams on Francis Picabia

The artist’s conventional beginnings belie his artistic proclivity for mockery. By Alexander Adams

The art of the teacher: on the work of Hans Hofmann

The artist at last gets the recognition it deserves, says Alexander Adams


Moreau, the mystic of Montmartre, was an unheeded prophet

Alexander Adams looks at the mysterious proto-Symbolist painter

Complex talent needs greater understanding

Denmark’s Asger Jorn was far more than a painter

"Painting the Absolute": Four volumes on Kazimir Malevich, the pioneering painter-priest of abstraction

Andréi Nakov, a leading expert on Malevich, has produced a large-scale study of the Russian avant-garde's art and life

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