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Mardin Biennial finds a common ground

But event has been also been criticised for lack of “respect for local cultures and languages”

Turkey reopens former Byzantine Chora church as a mosque amid muted objections

Most of the Istanbul monument’s ancient frescoes and mosaics remain on view after restoration

Turkey counts cost of earthquake repairs

A year after tremors devastated the south of the country, painstaking work begins to restore thousands of damaged monuments


Istanbul mayor sees culture as ‘locomotive’ in re-election bid

Restoring ancient city’s heritage sites and opening Modern art venues is central to Ekrem İmamoğlu’s campaign

Turkey opens new archaeology institute in quake-hit city

Researchers are hopeful the state-of-the-art Turkish Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute will enhance international collaboration in the field

Artists opens pudding shop in Istanbul to help protest buffalo herding

London-based duo Cooking Sections explore buffalo herding in Istanbul with Turkish pudding project

New Istanbul culture hub seeks to make art more public

ArtIstanbul Feshane opens in an expansive 19th-century military factory to reach more of the city’s 16 million inhabitants

‘We’re not ready’: the race to protect Istanbul’s heritage from another earthquake

Conservators are raising the alarm in the ancient Turkish city as seismologists warn that an earthquake is all but inevitable within the next two decades

Turkish artists fear crackdown after Erdoğan wins election

Artists, filmmakers and other cultural figures have faced intimidation under Turkey's president, who won five more years on Sunday


New installation in Doha pays rare tribute to workers who built World Cup

Choi Jeong Hwa sculpture aims to "spark debate" amid backlash over migrant labour conditions

Discovery of Turkish 11,400-year-old village challenges ideas of when and why humans first settled down

Excavations at monumental site Karahan Tepe, near the Turkish-Syrian border, suggest that society was established before the dawn of agriculture

Accord between US and Turkey to counter illicit trade in artefacts divides historians and preservationists

Critics say Turkish government polices give short shrift to religious minorities’ cultural heritage

Has Turkey halted plans to turn Chora museum into a mosque?

Experts ponder the significance of the sudden scrapping of Islamic prayers by Turkish authorities at Istanbul’s historic landmark

New hope that Istanbul orphanage—Europe's largest timber building—can be saved from ruin

After decades of neglect, a fundraising drive could restore Prinkipo Orphanage as an environmental research centre

Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture plagued by delays after top curators quit

Turkey’s national modern art collection, closed off for much of its 80-year existence, will be hard-pressed to open $25m new building this year

Virus outbreak delays restoration of Turkey’s Grand Bazaar

The price of gold has also spiked amid scarcity of the precious metal due to the closure of the World Heritage listed market


Court ruling converting Turkish museum to mosque could set precedent for Hagia Sophia

Decision that Kariye Museum must become a Muslim house of worship again could imperil its Byzantine art and have repercussions for other early Christian monuments


Erdogan says museum and former cathedral Hagia Sophia will become a mosque again

The Turkish president wants the monument to serve as a place of worship flouting international pressure to retain the site’s current neutral status

Novelist Orhan Pamuk unveils photographs of Istanbul he took from his balcony

On show in Turkey this month, the images are an ode to the Nobel Prize-winning author’s hometown

Contemporary art biennial returns to Mardin in Turkey after three-year hiatus

Event resumes in the ancient city in the country’s south-east corner after years of tumult

Artists in Istanbul undertake epic performance

Needed: You—Performistanbul puts on Turkey’s longest ever-live event

Erdogan replaces Ataturk’s cultural legacy with his own

The Turkish president is to demolish a landmark opera house that symbolises the modernity of the country’s founding father