Darryl D’Monte

Looted artinterview

Meet the amateur art sleuth who is helping India recover its stolen antiques

Shipping company executive S. Vijay Kumar was responsible for recovering a Buddha stolen from India 57 years ago among many other looted works

Art historyinterview

Reliving the dawn of Modernism in India

An art historian explores the importance of the pathbreaking Progressive Artists’ Group, the focus of an exhibition opening at Asia Society


Mumbai’s Victorian Gothic and Art Deco business district declared a Unesco World Heritage Site

British-era buildings in historic Fort area nominated by “several citizens’ groups”


Indian supreme court verdict could spark new wave of sectarian riots between Hindus and Muslims

Leader of powerful Hindu organisation has threatened nationwide protests if long-awaited ruling "goes against Hindus' faith"


India pledges support for Angkor Wat restoration

12th-century temple at risk from encroaching tropical forests

The Archaeological Survey of India pledges to restore Ta Prohm temples

There are concerns about how the restoration will affect the natural environment


The Cambodian World Heritage site, Angkor Wat, is finally being restored

An ongoing effort to restore the ancient site has international teams working altogether but using radically different approaches, resulting in unexpected order