Enrico Tantucci


St Mark’s architect warns that Venice’s historic houses are falling down

In an interview, Maria Piana, the architect responsible for the famous basilica, says urgent action is needed to save the city’s houses from rising water levels

Venice’s €5 entry fee won’t work, expert says

Economist and tourism expert Jan van der Borg says the new daily charge will not solve the crisis of the overrun city, and outlines what should be done instead

Venice town council blocks the rental of private property for the Biennales

The new time limits are shorter than the duration of the exhibitions

Venice analysis

Venice: a city at a cultural crossroads

As the Venice Architecture Biennale opens, the Venetian journalist Enrico Tantucci analyses culture in the city through the Biennale, historic buildings, the Accademia and the Arsenale

François Pinault poaches leading Paris fair director

Martin Bethenod to head collector’s Venice venues as disquiet grows over stalled exhibition programme