Giulia Ajmone Marsan

Venice archive

Drilling will make Venice sink twelve inches, warn experts

This month Italian government reaches decision on national oil company’s plan to extract gas from Adriatic


Russian Parliament nationalises art taken from Germany

But negotiations continue between Chancellor Kohl and President Yeltsin

Agreement reached on EEC exports and restitution

The Regulation to enter into force by the end of March, the Directive in October

Unidroit lawyers meet for international agreement on restitution of stolen works of art

Stumbling blocks: attempts to define “national treasure” and abolition of passage of title in “good faith” purchases

Senator presents bill in Parliament to liberalise circulation of Italian archaeological items

The proposal is greeted by suspicion and political posturing within the Italian art and archaeology world and even the Ministry of Culture.

Ministers for the Arts meet to discuss art exports under new EEC regulations

Dondelinger proposes uniform controls on external borders and a restitution system

Art export law: DGIII still has the upper hand to the relief of the British

But the technocrats of DGXXI, the Customs and Indirect Taxation Department, are drawing up the next set of proposals. To find out what this means, read on