European Commission


Louvre hosts major international conference to fight trafficking of cultural goods

Meeting, organised by France, aims to define new proposals to be adopted by the European Commission


After UK's ivory ban, European Commission also considering tighter regulation

Consultation has started with a 62-page report commissioned from wildlife monitoring network

‘Stay of execution’ for art shippers as EU extends deadline for permits

A shortage of ECMT permits poses “huge concerns” for British art handlers in Europe


Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger launches no-Brexit poster campaign

Posters featuring Prime Minister Theresa May will be cropping up on billboards across Britain


Art world scrambles to ship art before Brexit deadline

Pavilion commissioners among those to allow extra transport time for Venice Biennale as “huge ramifications” dawn

Leaked document on EU import licensing proposals is deeply concerning, say dealer associations

IADAA and CINOA argue that compromise amendments to contentious new cultural goods regulations are still too stringent and ill-defined

Art marketarchive

The UK art market: A £2.2 billion industry

Report from the British Art Market Federation shows the UK art market employs 50,000 people


Raphael looks after the arts: The EU's new programme for arts and heritage

While many details are yet to be fine-tuned, it should be ready to protect Europe's cultural treasures by the end of the year

Count down to 1993 and the United States of Europe—are you prepared? Everything you need to know about the European Commission and the Maastricht Treaty

Read this and keep it if you’re an artist, a dealer, an auctioneer, a collector, a museum curator, an academic, a publisher, an advertiser, a sponsor, a restorer, an architect, a lawyer or an arts administrator—inside or outside Europe

Venice archive

Are the Italians fit to look after Venice?

A French magazine suggests that the Adriatic city should be put in the charge of the EC, echoing a proposal by the European Commissioner for the Environment

Art export law: DGIII still has the upper hand to the relief of the British

But the technocrats of DGXXI, the Customs and Indirect Taxation Department, are drawing up the next set of proposals. To find out what this means, read on