Marc Spiegler


Ten questions gallerists should be asking themselves now

Is gallery space still worth paying rent for or will Instagram replace it all? Art Basel director Marc Spiegler gives us the answers

May 2007archive

The problem with art advisers

In 2007 we observed that while most are seen as opportunistic shoppers, some are as knowledgeable as museum curators

Art fairsarchive

The trouble with art fairs: curators, collectors and dealers are starting to feel fatigued

As the sheer number of annual events continues to grow, fair fatigue has become a common condition

Art fairsarchive

Allora & Calzadilla: sonic warfare for Moore Space project

The artists have installed a concrete-grey fortification inside the gallery as an anti-war statement


Frieze: For one week London became the centre of the art world

The annual event in Regent’s Park is a new magnet for artists, collectors and dealers


Why collectors are moving from the wall to the floor: negotiating the logistics of sculptural acquisitions

Trends in real estate and the prestige factor have influenced recent preferences in the private market for sculptural works

Is there an ongoing American Renaissance in contemporary art?

Spotlight shifts from German artists to their US counterparts as Saatchi, Rubells and others mount exhibitions of their work

Art Baselarchive

"It was the world's most important fair before I came, it is now, and it will continue to be after I've left": Interview with Art Basel director Sam Keller

After his intention to step down from Basel goes public, Sam Keller discusses the fair's evolution, his legacy, and pastures new at the Beyeler Foundation

Murakami to Gagosian?

Japanese artist and curator may have moved on from his gallerist of 10 years

Art marketarchive

Renewed interest in American art marks the beginning of the so-called 'American Renaissance'

Galleries across the world are featuring growing numbers of pieces by American artists

The posthumous rise of Martin Kippenberger

The German artist’s work has become a favourite among curators and collectors—but only since his death a decade ago

Obrist, Rosenquist and more pay tribute to Robert Rauschenberg

The opening Bulgari Conversation spoke fondly of the artist who was welcomed with spontaneous applause

June 2005archive

'The art trade is the last major unregulated market'

Is it time for reform? Murky dealings came to light in 2005 as more collectors began to enter the scene—and brought their cases to court

Art Baselarchive

New strategy for Art Basel includes the selection of thematically linked works by dealers

Curation will be promoted over serendipitous choices by Art Cabinet, a scheme debuting at Art Basel/Miami Beach


ARCO, Madrid: Big crowds, but few buyers

A Frida Kahlo—not for sale—pulled in 180,000 viewers

Art marketarchive

Speculators angering dealers over collecting without passion for art

Young financiers want to build a diversified portfolio

Do contemporary dealers still need galleries?

Larry Gagosian has just opened a new, 1,400-square-metre space in London. But is such grandeur still necessary?

The globalisation of the art market, the rise of mega galleries and proliferation of art fairs is putting strain on young artists, even while they reap the rewards

The market today requires that young artists have global representation, but unless they embrace Warholesque production techniques few can keep pace with the demand this entails