Mark Irving


Niavaran Palace Museum mounts Chagall show in defiance of Iranian regime

Exhibition of Jewish artist’s work challenges official stance on Israel


Sami Azar reinstated as director of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art following protests by artists

“This is the only time in Iran that a cultural manager has been supported by artists like this”, he tells The Art Newspaper


Ali-Reza Sami Azar, director of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art, has stepped down

Whilst the motivation behind his departure is unexplained, his career, driven by his reformist values, has left its mark on Iranian culture

Retrospectives boost Flavin but damaged Rauschenberg in 1998

As Flavin’s survey continues its US run, recent record prices for the artist show how exhibitions affect the market


New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art turns the story of art upside down with its expanded $858 million new building complex

At the hands of Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi, the MoMA has become twice its former size