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Lost Art: Do NFTs mean the end of real-world art?

The digital works can be seen as just the latest overhyped trend, or the newest incarnation of using technology to create art

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Lost art: will virtual exhibitions replace in-person museum-going?

A lasting change of the coronavirus pandemic might be how shows are viewed

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Lost Art: the disappearing art of how we buy art

How will the experience of art collecting change after the coronavirus pandemic?

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Lost art: works with a death warrant

Should we mourn the loss of art that was only made to be destroyed?

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Lost art: to save, or not to save, when works are in peril

From Smithson’s Spiral Jetty to a mordant Trump nutcracker figure

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Lost Art: the mysterious allure of Japan’s Three Sacred Treasures

Does the imperial collection really include a mirror of wisdom, a sword of valour, and a jewel of benevolence gifted from the gods?

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Lost art: the great Caravaggio whodunnit

Ahead of the painting's sale, the art historian Noah Charney asks whether the pricey work is a true lost treasure or one of scores made by Caravaggisti

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Lost artists: why some creators disappear

The world is full of wonderful artists, but not all their names are known, and fewer are remembered

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Lost art: should we rebuild sacked castles and ruined palaces?

Noah Charney examines how historic buildings that were needlessly destroyed can live on today

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Lost art: on the trail of vanished cities of legend

Noah Charney explains how mythological clues can lead us to real findings

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Lost art: the possibly forged but tantalising Sinaia lead plates

Noah Charney on the potential problems and fascinating details behind these little-known and under-studied objects

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Lost art: when works disappear into private collections

Noah Charney on works that are “extant but inaccessible”

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Lost art: the joys of the ephemeral

Noah Charney on amazing works that were always meant to be temporary

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Lost art: chasing the elusive Ghent Altarpiece panel

Noah Charney on the work that was the target of 13 different crimes

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Lost art: the world’s invisible collections

Noah Charney on the Sadnikar family's extremely personal collection in Slovenia

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Lost art: Has Caravaggio’s long missing Nativity been found?

Noah Charney on the Carabinieri's efforts to track down the stolen painting

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Lost art: Homer’s Troy and Priam’s Treasure

Noah Charney on how epic histories became mythical stories

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Lost art: the Fondaco dei Tedeschi frescoes by Titian and Giorgione

Noah Charney on works that we cannot see, but which remain as an influence to those who did see them

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Lost art: Field of the Cloth of Gold

Noah Charney on the hundreds of works that were described those who saw them as wondrous, but which were only ever meant to be temporary

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Lost art: Rogier van der Weyden’s Justice cycle

Noah Charney on works that were more influential to history than those that survive


Lost Art: Michelangelo’s Sleeping Eros

Noah Charney shares the stories behind some of art history’s most important works—those that we can no longer see

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