Tim Cornwell

The artists who have chosen to stay in Syria

While most have fled the conflict, some remained to document the suffering

Tapestry of Sabra and Shatila massacres could hang next to Picasso’s Guernica

Palestinian art collector has commissioned a wall hanging based on Iraqi artist Dia al-Azzawi’s drawing, which is now in the Tate

Looters exploit the political chaos in Libya

Illicitly excavated artefacts are “gushing out” of the country, experts warn

‘Rescue archaeologists’ head to Iraq

First group of Iraqis trained by British Museum staff return home

Toronto's Aga Khan Museum to celebrate Syria's heritage

Foundation behind museum has committed $200m to post-war reconstruction

Almost 70% of smuggled objects seized in Syria and Lebanon are fakes, antiquities chief says

In a wide-ranging interview, Maamoun Abdulkarim discussed the realities of illegal trafficking, restoration efforts in Palmyra and his concerns over destruction in Aleppo

Turkey’s Çanakkale Biennale to forge ahead despite attempted coup

Immigrant artists are due to take centre-stage in the September exhibition

Marion Lambert: collector with a cause

The independent-minded philanthropist whose life was touched by tragedy

Tehran museum’s historic photography collection emerges from the shadows

Lewis Carroll’s photographs of Alice Liddell and Steichen’s portrait of Rodin among images collected before the Iranian revolution

Wim Delvoye unveils plans for museum in historic Iranian city

Belgian artist restores palatial buildings in Kashan and creates works with Isfahan metalworkers

Dry times: Tehran gallery show draws attention to national drought

As the Iranian President pushes to improve state water management, curators ask artists to respond to the environmental crisis

Proposal to privatise Tehran’s Modern art museum causes alarm

Director denies that politicians want to transfer collection to private foundation

Indians and Pakistanis work together to realise Partition Museum

Project leaders announce fundraising goals before conference in Delhi

Sea change in Turkey’s attitude towards its Byzantine heritage

Opening of two specialist study centres—a first for the country—begins era of Greek-Turkish collaboration

India’s rivers will flow through Kochi Biennale

Artist Sudarshan Shetty to curate exhibition that has drawn a million visitors

Stolen mosque lamps to return to Egypt as Cairo museum houses new database

Authorities confirmed the objects had been taken from national collection and fakes left in their place


After stint in the doldrums, India Art Fair shows signs of picking up

Event has been repositioned as “the” place to see South Asian art

Traditional Afghan artists will bring ‘living art’ to the heart of the US

Artisans set up shop at Smithsonian for show championing Kabul’s talent as terrorist threats mount at home

Wim Delvoye goes to Tehran for surprise solo show

Belgian artist is at the forefront of improving relations between Iran and the West

Edinburgh and London host major Liotard shows despite ‘no fly rule’ for pastels

Many works by 18th-century portraitist deemed too fragile to travel from US


The plight of Syria’s artists as the conflict enters its fifth year

Artists carry on, even on the front line, but exiles face an increasingly precarious situation