In the frame

Juergen Teller's helping hand for Demelza children's hospice patients

Juergen Teller, Demelza Kids No. 20 (2018) © 2018 Juergen Teller.

For his latest project, the German photographer Juergen Teller has eschewed fashion models and the art crowd. The artist has instead turned his hand to something entirely different, creating "a visual story of the children cared for by Demelza Hospice Care for Children at its centres in Kent and South East London". Teller's images—on show at Bonhams in London (10-16 April)—document Demelza's work with local babies, children and young people who have terminal conditions and are in need of support."I did think a lot about the parents and what they thought. They have incredible patience. I had a responsibility and felt I had to nail it. But I couldn't make these photos rose-tinted, they had to be real," Teller tells us, pointing out that he sometimes visited the children at home. "It was important not to do this as black-and-white reportage; everything was done on an iPhone which was a lot less intrusive." Visitors to the non-selling show will be dazzled by the orange and yellow walls, complemented by the multi-coloured frames. "We want to raise awareness so that people will donate [to Demelza]," Teller says, adding though that "it is a single body of work so perhaps a museum could buy it one day."