Museums & Heritage

'If a person of African descent wants a career in the arts—well, good luck'

Only by looking backwards can we start to tackle inequality in the arts sector, says Gus Casely-Hayford, the director of V&A East


Racism on walls of UK government? British Empire murals spark controversy

Politician raises concerns over Sigismund Goetze painting in the Foreign Office depicting Africa as a naked boy

Museums & Heritage

In the Met’s British galleries, a tale of artisans spurred by entrepreneurial forces

Installation weaves a 400-year narrative with global and sometimes dark threads

Antiquities & Archaeology

Commercial landowners in Britain almost always hand over to public museums archaeological discoveries made on their land, despite no legal obligation for them to do so. Their munificence has led to a chronic shortage of storage space.

This virtuous circle


A review of art in the UK media: Dumbing down or opening up?

The question of whether society gets the art it deserves, or merely what it is prepared to tolerate


In an attempt to find works of art that may have been stolen by the Nazis ten British museums have named 350 works of art whose history between 1933 and 1945 is uncertain

British provenance probes

Media & broadcast

Art in the media: The people’s painting—only what we deserve

Komar and Melamid reveal what we like, Tory politician Jeffrey Archer speculates in Warhols, fictional Bacon somewhat censored, and Britain’s own intellectual, Jonathan Miller, on reflection


The aspirations of Chris Smith, new Labour Secretary of State for National Heritage

Smith hopes for Britain to rejoin UNESCO, aiming divert Lottery funds to health and education

Art market

Sue Runyard on how to market the modern museum

A guide to selling the modern museum

Alexander Calder

The Royal Academy shows Calder in the first British show for thirty years

Underappreciated in Britain, the Sackler Galleries mobilise for this modern master