Cave painting

Prehistoric art

Researchers suggest that trippy hallucinations influenced prehistoric cave art

Reduced oxygen resulting from the use of torches in narrow enclosed spaces likely triggered hypoxia, resulting in out-of-body experiences, scholars report

Antiquities & Archaeology

Hear the sound of an ancient conch horn, played again after 18,000 years

The unique Palaeolithic instrument was found in a cave rich in rock art, and was marked with red pigment that matches the paintings


Archaeologists have discovered world's oldest animal cave painting

The warty pig painting was found in a cave in Indonesia and is thought to be at least 45,500 years old


Kerching! Banksy-note enters British Museum

Di-faced Tenner is artist’s first work to join the collection officially—unlike his 2005 cave painting prank

Cave painting

Cave paintings: Radiocarbon dating, a penguin, plus fakes

Carbon dating for the Altamira caves, a penguin troubles sceptics at the submerged Grotte Henri Cosquer, and the sponge is a give-away at Alave